AWAKE Testimonials

We’re proud of the impact AWAKE has had on all of our audiences, regardless of age or background. However, we are truly moved by the reaction we have received from youth and teachers. Below is a small sample of what they have said…


Testimonials from teachers:

Awake is in fact a wake up call for young people, educators, and communities. Its message is one that should be brought to all people affected by or concerned about violence in our city and communities.

-Natasha Serba

I wanted to let you know that [the students] were talking about the show all day yesterday!! One staff in particular (a science teacher) came up to me in tears completely affected by what you presented.  I believe it was a wake up call for all of us.

-Melissa Mancini

Awake is a well crafted, vital and meaningful piece of work.  My students were truly engaged and moved. We got together and spoke at length about the play, and our conversation was rich with personal stories that connect to your play, as well as lessons learned about life, survival and choices.

-Lliah Zohar

Testimonials from youth:

The performance hit my heart dead centre and made it tremble.

Tia Lang

I felt the play performance was great. I never really felt like that about a play before. It changed the way I feel about living here in Malvern.

Maris Hadam

The performance was phenomenal…you guys emotionally moved me to tears.


I loved the play…I’ve changed after that play, I am doing my work and just making changes.

Joshua A.

You made a positive change to my life. It makes me remember the time I almost got shot.


I felt your performance was amazing because a lot of the things you mentioned have reminded me of stories of a friend…you made a positive change!

Kaitlyn M.

The play was filled with truth and I could feel it.

Simone Wright


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