What exactly is this program?

Beats + Intentions is a new and innovative three-year project for Expect Theatre’s Emerging Inter-Arts Ensemble. The project is a pre-professional training and performance program that fosters young artists in a variety of disciplines, preparing them for a career in the performing arts.

The program itself involves auditioning to become a part of it, and two weeks of intensive training. The program will run in February and March 2014 at COBA studios in Regent Park, with a final presentation on March 15 and 16 at the Citadel Theatre in Regent Park.

Where are you getting the participants?

The ensemble is open to diverse emerging artists 18-25 years of age from the Greater Toronto Area, particularly from the priority neighbourhoods of Regent Park, Jane & Finch, Rexdale/Jamestown and Kingston Galloway/Orton Park.

What do I have to do to be a part of it?

For starters – You have to be 25 or younger at the time of the program. You have to be from the Greater Toronto Area.  You have to audition and you have to register to audition by contacting Roshanak at roshanak@expect.org.

What do I need to prepare for the audition?

This year we’re looking for dancers, spoken word artists and singers. Dancers will be auditioned as a group and will also need to prepare a 1-minute solo to the music of your choice. Singers and spoken word artists will need to prepare 3-minutes of your best material.

Where are the auditions?

All over the city.  You can register to audition at any of the locations, no matter where you live, but you can only audition once. We want everyone to apply, and we encourage artists in the following communities to apply: Regent Park, Jane & Finch, Rexdale/Jamestown and Kingston Galloway/Orton Park.

Dates and locations will be announced soon.

What happens after the audition?

Successful candidates will be notified by email before August 25th. Decisions are final and only those who are selected will be notified.

How long is the program?

September and final show in October – the complete schedule is below.


At COBA Studios

Monday August 31-Tuesday September 15, 2015 – 10am-5pm
Friday October 1, 2015 – 10am-5pm

At Artscape Youngplace

PERFORMANCE: Saturday October 3, 2015
We know it’s a commitment. We think it’s worth it, especially when you see the benefits below.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free. Thanks to The Trillium Foundation, The Ontario Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts, all the costs are covered. And it gets better. You’ll receive a $500 honorarium upon successful completion of the program. There’s also a chance for continued mentorship after the program ends.

How much?

Seriously. It’s free. You finish the program successfully, you get paid $500. No kidding, no catch.

Who’s Instructing for the program?

You’re not just getting artistic training. Though participants receive mentorship to build their artistic skills, you’re also getting the chance to learn about the business side of the arts from industry experts.


Facilitators include:

Chris Tolley & Laura Mullin – Video
Nicola Pantin – Dance
Andrew Craig – Music
Bill Coleman – Dance
Sue Edworthy – Marketing & Branding
Roshanak Jaberi – Grants & Sponsorship