KidCAST is a new 6-8 week radio drama/podcast project produced by Expect Theatre that is designed for children from grades 4-8 in priority communities that traditionally face barriers to arts engagement.

The project was recently piloted in the Jane and Finch community at York Woods Library as part of the Toronto Arts Council’s Artist in Library project. 28 children from Lamberton Public School attended Expect Theatre’s two-month KidCAST workshop (formerly Citizen Cast) that focused on skills in creative writing, acting, Foley arts (sound effects), and sound engineering in order to create a series of dramatic podcasts. The project was a unique opportunity for children to learn new skills in an art form not usually taught to students this age. The project proved to be a huge success as it challenged students to find their voice and share their stories and experiences in a unique way.

Each year, the project will culminate in a live event that will bring all the students together to showcase their work created during the project.

“[This program] set the tone for all students to build on their self-confidence. Many students whom have been silent in the past have come forth to express themselves creatively and with confidence. Taking on various roles through dramatic techniques has definitely contributed to the fostering of a positive self-image.” – Maria Da Torre, Lamberton Public School 

Listen to the 2018 Kidcast Audio Plays

Don Mills Middle School

Lamberton Public School

North Kippling Jr. Middle School

Listen to the 2017 Kidcast Audio Plays

Ms. Da Torre’s Class – Lamberton Public School

Ms. Hestick’s Class – Don Mills Public School



1-How much does it cost?

The program is FREE for all students.

2-What is the commitment?

The program will run for 8 weeks, once a week every Monday for 1.5-2 hours during school hours, starting in April (start date TBC with participating school).

3-Where will it take place?

The program will run either at your school or at a centre within your community. The final performance will take place at the Yorkwoods Library in Jane and Finch, where audiences from both the Jane and Finch community and Rexdale are invited to attend.

4-What age category is the program designed for?

The program is created for students in grades 4 and 5.

5-Who will run the program?

Expect theatre’s professional artists will facilitate the program. We have over 20 year’s of experience running arts programs for children and youth in various communities, and are behind the annual urbanNOISE Festival which ran in Rexdale for 8 consecutive year.


Highlights from KidCAST Workshop 2016:

Final Podcasts:


PODCAST 1 – The Magical Stone

This podcast was recorded in the workshops.

PODCAST 2 – Camp Nightmare (Live)

This podcast was recorded live.

PODCAST 3 – Ruby Singer

This podcast was recorded in the workshops.

PODCAST 4 – I Want to be a Pilot

This podcast was recorded in the workshops.

PODCAST 5 – Final Show (Live)

This podcast is a recording of the final presentation, where participants had the chance to perform live for other students and community members in the York Woods Theatre. The group performed two live radio plays and created their own foley (sound effects) live on stage.


KidCAST Pilot Project (formerly Citizen Cast), 2016

In the fall of 2015, Expect Theatre was selected by the Toronto Arts Council to be the Artist in Residence at York Wood Library for their project CITIZEN CAST. The project was a four-month radio-drama geared to children between the ages of 8-10. 28 Grade four students from Lamberton Public School were invited to participate in the project facilitated by writers/directors Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin, in collaboration with Gregory J. Sinclair and Dwayne Morgan. The project offered local programming and training in the community of Jane and Finch, through a series of workshops in writing, acting and foley arts (sound effects). Participants wrote, performed and recorded dramatic podcasts and presented their work in a live recording at a community celebration that included an audience of over 150 people.