Expect started as a theatre company, but we soon began to incorporate video into our shows to enhance our productions. Soon other organizations started to hire us to create videos for their organizations. Today, Expect has a long track record of projects produced in all disciplines including award winning theatre productions, radio plays, installations, product theatre, advertising, radio commercials, viral videos, and videos for not for-profit organizations. This cross-disciplinary capability allows us to creatively and effectively produce a number of different media – from concept to deliverable.


Videos for fundraising
Educational videos
Viral campaigns
Orientation videos
Videos for community engagement
Training videos
Videos to enhance sector awareness


Canadian Diabetes Association
Woodgreen Community Services
Homeward Bound
TIDES Canada
East Scarborough Storefront

Artscape | Short Film Series: Key Aspects of Creative Placemaking
Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) | Promotional Video
East Scarborough Storefront | See What’s in Store Fore You
ArchiTEXT | From This to That – Creative Design Initiative
Woordgreen Community Services | The Face of Homelessness, Homeward Bound