Your evening begins as you approach a Victorian building that showcases go go dancers in the glass window on the ground floor. You enter and ascend a grand staircase into an indoor playground that has been created to set the mood of love inside a winter wonderland. Have your fortune read, enjoy a drink, and take in some techno music.


As you leave the playground, expect to be adorned with a yellow or pink glow necklace and sprinkled with glitter. You enter the nightclub and find yourself on the dance floor in the midst of a powerful and sensual night club experience.


The DJ welcomes you to the “Club Verona”. Suddenly a scrap erupts and escalates to a full blown fight between two opposing camps: the Capulets and the Montagues. You realize that you – and everyone else – belong to one or the other depending on the colour of your necklace. The stage thus set, the evening unfolds.

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Past Project